BimaTRI APK APP Download For Android

BimaTRI APK – The first application in Indonesia with ‘push notification’, that could remind you to top up your quota of data. Top up will be Easier Because now you can buy it Directly from the gadget.  BimaTRI APK can give information about your Tri profile and give a recommendation roomates package suitable for you.
BimaTRI APK Features:
1. Notification.
“Push notification” or an automatic notification reminds you of your remaining quota internet and you do not ever have to worry about running out of quota.
2. Top up quota / balance.
Top up quota / balance will be Easier, via:
* Voucher by entering the voucher code.
* Online by debit / credit card.
3. Your Tri profile.
Display your Tri information:
* Card number.
* Validity.
* Balance.
* Info quota:
* Data.
* Call.
* SMS.
* BlackBerry.
* Info Access 11 sites.
4. Package recommendation.
Recommends packages based on your needs; Data packages, BlackBerry, calls, SMS.
5. Tips & trick.
Giving you quick information on latest apps for your internet activities.
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For suggestions and complaints, please contact 3Agent in 3Store or to:
* 123 (Rp 300 / call for prepaid)
* 089 644 000 123
* or email to
123download apk app