Monect PC Remote APK APP Download For Android

Monect PC Remote APK – Please install PC Remote Receiver on your computer before using PC remote.
Download the Monect PC Remote APK at our official site for free:

PC Remote

Monect PC Remote APK
Monect PC Remote APK features:
• Devices simulation – Turn your device into a keyboard, touchpad, gamepad and more.
• Game play – Play all kinds of PC games with specified button layouts (race,fly,GTA…).
• Customization – Build and share your own defined layout.
• Multimedia controller – Adjust computer volume, play pause video. Pan tilt zoom UAC cameras. Also Download Game Killer APK for Android.
• Remote desktop – Touch windows on your phone.
• PPT sync – You can see the ppt pictures and notes directly on your phone even play select & mark.
• Projector – Project phone’s screen, pictures, videos onto PC monitor.
• File access – Explore download and edit files between phone and PC.
• And many more…Note : If cannot connect with Monect PC Remote APK, please make sure the phone and the pc are in the same network and check the firewall setting on PC.

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