Drakor Id Apk v1.02 (Nonton Drama) Free Download for Android

Drakor ID Apk is highly recommended for those of you who like to watch Korean drama series or Drakor. Because here you can find various titles and styles of ginseng country-specific series.

As is well known, Korean drama series are currently the favorite shows of Indonesians. In addition to being interesting, because the story of the series is able to attract all viewers to get immersed in the atmosphere that is happening.

This is the reason why many Indonesians love Korean dramas. Now, as technology is developing rapidly, there are many sites and applications on which Korean drama series can be found to watch. Like one of them Drekor ID.

You can watch various Korean drama series for free on this application. Apart from this, it also has many great features which are very useful. So that you can be more comfortable to enjoy various series.

In fact, there are many other advantages embedded in this Drekor ID as well. So if you’re curious, below we’ll do a full review of the different benefits. For this, please watch all these reviews till the end.

Drakor Id Apk App Information:

NameDrakor Id Apk
Size16 MB
Version Updated2023-08-26 T04:17:42.000Z

About Drakor Id Apk Mod Apk 2023

Reviews about Drakor Id Drakor Id is a service or application that provides various Korean drama series to watch. Various categories and titles ranging from Romantic, Fighting, Horror etc are available in this one application.
So that it will not bore every user. Because it is not just one category of series to watch. Apart from this, how to access the Drekor ID application is also very easy. You only need to download and install the application, then you can immediately enjoy various Korean dramas in it.

This coupled with the presence of interesting features will help you reach it. So it is sure that you will feel like home for long hours watching this favorite drama series.

So if you want to download this korean drama streaming application immediately, before that we share the download link. First you need to know some of the features present in it. So that you don’t get confused when you want to access it. Therefore, please see the explanation of all the features below.

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Latest Features of Latest Drekor ID APK 2023

Best Features of Drakor Id As we mentioned earlier, this Korean drama streaming application is equipped with many great features. All of these features are intentionally embedded by the developer so that each user can more easily operate the application to watch Korean drama broadcast.

Then again, do you already know the features of this Drekor ID application? If not, please see some explanation about these improved features as follows:

  1. Provides multiple drama titles and genres

The first feature that you will find in this Korean drama streaming application is that there are various genres and drama titles available that can be watched for free. This way, each user can find out which series they want to enjoy.

With so many titles and genres available, it will not make all users feel bored. So that you can enjoy all the shows it has to offer for a long time. And it can be used as an alternative entertainment when you are feeling bored or bored.

  1. Clear Viewing Quality

The next feature that is very useful for you if you download this Korean drama streaming application is that its broadcast quality is very clear. so that it spoils the eyes of all who have seen it.

But it is also very dependent on the signal quality. If the signal quality on your device is poor, the view will also be reduced. So, you make sure that the signal on the device is stable and good. To enjoy the comfortable view.

  1. Video download feature

The Drekor ID application also includes a video download feature, where you can watch videos offline or without the need to activate cellular data. So you can save internet quota on your device.

So, you can download some of these favorite Korean drama series without spending much on internet quota packages. This way, if someday you don’t have the quota to watch it online, you can still enjoy the series. Because it was downloaded earlier.

  1. No Ad Impressions

If you watch a drama series or something, commercials usually appear on the broadcast. and it really sucksDisturbing your comfort, isn’t it? However, it is different if you stream on this Drakor ID application.

This application is equipped with an ad-free feature, where this feature has the function of being able to block all the ad displays that will appear and disturb you while watching various Korean drama broadcasts.

  1. Lightweight File Size

Although it contains a lot of Korean drama titles and genres, the file size of this one application is quite light. So if you download it, it will not take up a lot of storage space on the device.

Furthermore, having a light file size will enable this korean drama streaming application to be installed on any device. Like some of them, namely Android devices, iOS, Laptop, Tablet, PC etc. so that everyone can enjoy it, especially the drecor lovers.

  1. No Root

To use this streaming application, you usually need to root the device you are using first, right? Now with the Drekor ID application it’s different. So, even if you don’t have root before, you can download and install the app directly.

In this way, everyone who wants to enjoy this Korean drama streaming application will not find it difficult, and they do not need to bother with rooting their cellphone first.

  1. Provide Indonesian subtitles

Perhaps there are many Indonesian citizens who often watch Korean drama series and still do not know the linguistic meaning of the story discussed by the actors in the series. That’s why the Drakor Id application has an Indonesian subtitles feature built-in.

With this subtitle feature, it will enable all its users to understand the meaning of each dialogue from Korean drama series. so that you can enjoy the story.

  1. Simple Application Performance

Appearance is the main thing that most of the people will look at before downloading the application. With simple looks, it will be easy for everyone to differentiate this application from others.

Download Drekor ID Apk Mod Latest Version 2023

Link to Download Drekor ID Latest Version 2023 If you are already interested in this Korean drama streaming application, then after knowing some of its features. So now you can download the application. But please note, Drakor Id is still not available on Google Play Store or Appstore services.

So in order to get the application, you need to find an alternate download link on many sites or websites. Now, if you find it difficult to find the download link for Drekor ID application, here we will share the link.

Therefore, before downloading the Drekor ID application, please check the internet quota on your device first. If the package is sufficient to download this Korean drama streaming application, then you can immediately start the download process by pressing the download link that we have shared below:

Please read the specifications first, if it is supported by the device you are using, then to complete the download process please hit the download link that we have shared in the table.

How to Install Drakor Id Apk on Android Device

How to Install Drakor Id Apk on an Android device even if you have already downloaded the Drakor Id application using the download link that we have shared. But please note that you still cannot access the application to watch various Korean drama broadcasts in it.

So, to access it, you have to install the application first. Now how to install this korean drama streaming application, you have to do it manually. This means that it cannot be done automatically as you usually do when installing official apps from Google Play Store and Appstore.

Maybe there are still some of you who are still having difficulty installing the application manually. Therefore, in the following, we will provide a tutorial to make it easier for you to install the application. For that, please follow the steps given below:

  • 1st step, download the Drekor ID application through the link that we have shared above
  • If yes, now please open Settings or Settings section on your device
  • continue by entering ke menu section privacy or security
  • Now if you get the Unknown Sources menu, please select the Allow option
  • After that you can go to the storage file manager
  • then look for the application file that was downloaded earlier
  • If you get the file successfully, you just press install
  • Wait for a few moments while the installation process completes on the device
  • End
  • This is more or less the way to manually install the Drakor Id application. Please follow the steps properly and correctly, so that the application gets installed successfully on the device you are using.

How to watch the drama on the Drekor ID application

How to Watch Dramas on Drakor ID Application How to watch or stream Korean dramas on this one application is really very easy. Because you don’t need to log in using multiple accounts first. Then you will not have much trouble. So, so that you can know all the pictures, here we will give some examples of watching Korean drama on Drekor ID application:

  • First of all, please open the Drakor Id application which is already installed on your device
  • Then the application will immediately display the main menu as a collection of drama series
  • Please select the drama you want to watch
  • Press play and choose Full HD resolution to get clear view
  • Ultimately, you can enjoy watching the drama until it’s over
  • wish you success

This is about how to watch Korean drama on Drekor ID application. Now, if the title of the drama is not available on the home menu of the application, you can avail the search facility by typing the title of the drama according to what you want to watch. Afterwards, the application will display some play recommendations.

Advantages and disadvantages of Drekor ID

Every application, whether legal or illegal, has certain advantages and disadvantages inherent in it. This is also included in this Korean drama streaming application. Therefore, if you are curious about the advantages and disadvantages of this Drekor ID application, please refer to the summary as follows:

  • excess
  • Many Korean drama series can be watched full
  • Watch drama series with clear visual quality and Full HD resolution
  • No commercial interruptions when we are watching Korean drama
  • easy to access or operate
  • And so on
  • Shortage
  • Finding download links for apps is a bit more difficult
  • must be installed manually
  • Security system still unclear
  • The devices used are very vulnerable to being attacked by various viruses, such as malware, one of them
  • very likely to be banned
  • and others

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this Korean drama streaming application. With this summary, perhaps you can now decide for yourself whether the application is really worth downloading, or vice versa.


Drekor ID is one of the most downloaded Korean drama streaming applications by Indonesians. No, not without reason, because it gives an opportunity to watch the very complete drama series. Moreover, the application can also be accessed for free as much as you want. So it is not surprising that this is an application so popular, especially among Decor lovers.

questions to ask

What does Drekor ID mean?

Drekor ID is a Korean drama streaming service or application that has been modified by a third party. It offers lots of Korean drama titles and genres that every user can watch online.
Apart from this, the modder has also added many great features which are very interesting, which aims to make the access or operation of the application easier for all the users. So that you can be more comfortable in enjoying various broadcasts in it.

Is it paid to download Drakor ID?

If you are interested in downloading this Korean drama series streaming application, then you can immediately download it for free through the link that we have provided in the review section above. So, this application is free and you can enjoy watching various Korean dramas available in it as much as you want.

Is it safe to access?

Even though this one application provides a lot of drama series in it, the Drekor ID application is not completely safe from the security point of view. This means that there are still some risks or hazards that may occur at any time. Now the risks that such applications often face include being highly vulnerable to malware virus attacks.
In addition, the application also has great potential to be affected by B.To install anned or pemblokiran. So that it will not be accessible again. Because of this, it is better if you want to access an application, be careful and don’t access it too often. In order to minimize the danger.

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