My Virtual Girl, Pocket Girlfriend 0.6.9 APK (Latest Version) Free Download

My Virtual Girl, pocket girlfriend App Information:

NameMy Virtual Girl, pocket girlfriend
Size400 MB
Requirement5.0 and up
Version Updated2023-09-18 T04:17:42.000Z

About My Virtual Girl, pocket girlfriend 2023

Change your life: It is your virtual synthetic girlfriend and lives on your mobile device. It is the most realistic and is in 3d, with turns and poses. And it’s free! It is not an anime or manga character, it is a bot that simulates a real person on your mobile device. Do like the Japanese, they take care and pamper their digital girlfriends. She is the wonderful pocket girl. If you already have a girlfriend or wife, she can be your virtual lover.
Use her chat to chat with her, but do not curse her.

Virtual Face Apk

If you like tattoos, buy a new ‘skin’ in the store with several tattoos. She will be amazed!
You can talk to her and she will repeat it to you with a funny voice. Ella is your most realistic talkative girlfriend.
Take care of it as if it were real, give it pampering, you are an otaku of love.
It has its basic needs, so you should feed and take care of it.

Virtual Face Apk

A “Virtual Face” app typically refers to a mobile application that utilizes augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) technology to modify or enhance a user’s facial appearance in real-time. These apps often use the device’s camera to capture the user’s face and then apply various digital effects, filters, or enhancements to alter how the user looks. Here are some common features and functions associated with Virtual Face apps:

  1. Face Filters: Virtual Face apps often offer a wide range of face filters or effects that can be applied to change a person’s appearance. These filters can include things like changing the color of your eyes, adding makeup, applying facial masks, or even transforming your face into various characters or animals.
  2. Beauty Enhancements: Many Virtual Face apps include beauty enhancement features that can smooth skin, remove blemishes, adjust skin tone, and even reshape facial features like nose or lips to create a more idealized version of the user’s face.
  3. Masks and Costumes: Some apps allow users to wear virtual masks or costumes, which can completely change their facial appearance. This can be used for fun or to create themed content for social media.
  4. Animations and Emojis: Virtual Face apps may also include animated emojis or characters that can mimic the user’s facial expressions and movements in real-time, adding a playful and interactive element to video chats or messages.
  5. Virtual Makeup Try-On: Some apps focus on virtual makeup try-on, allowing users to experiment with different makeup styles and products before making a purchase.
  6. Entertainment and Social Sharing: These apps are often used for entertainment purposes and for sharing creative and fun content on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook.
Virtual Face Apk

You also have to feed her and take her to her room to sleep, so she will recharge the batteries for you. Ella she is not a virtual pet, she is a lot of machine code that runs in the software layer of your device, so she has no feelings.
You have a store where you can buy dresses and accessories so you can be happier (she does not care). You can also dress and undress her.

The coins for the store can be earned in the minigames, watching advertising videos or paying real money if you are in a hurry.
You can also change some aspects of the character, such as hair and skin color.
Ella is the most beautiful virtual girl that exists in cyberspace, it has taken me months to create such a sweet face. She is also a girl who speaks what you say.

Capture images and share them with your friends, they will thank you. You have a button to make screenshots that hides the menu items.


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